If you would like to find out how to apply for a place for your child, or visit the school to see for yourself what we have to offer, please contact Mrs Fiona Thompson (, the school’s Executive Assistant. Our recent Ofsted inspection commented that:

  • The behaviour of pupils is good …. There is a positive, calm and orderly atmosphere in the school, in which the school site is treated with respect, just as pupils show respect for each other, adults and the school
  • Pupils feel safe and well looked after
  • Pupils are sure that they will be listened to if they have a problem
  • The knowledge that teachers and other staff have of their pupils underpins a strong network of support for pupils’ physical and emotional health

Sixth Form

For anyone who is interested in our sixth form provision, please visit the sixth form page on this website.

To speak to someone directly about our sixth form, contact Mrs Mersh-Roberts at or by phone at 0191 3866628

Follow us on @FSDSixth

Other Year Groups and in-year applications

Throughout the academic year, we are approached to enrol students in all year groups.  We are happy to discuss this with prospective parents.  If you would like to consider joining us, please contact Mrs Louise Brookes, Director of Safeguarding by clicking here.  FSD follows the Durham County admissions process.  Once you have made your decision, please follow this link here

You can contact the main office on 0191 386 6628 where you will be directed to the appropriate member of staff.

Please note that if you wish to proceed with an in-year application, transfer forms are not available from the school. You must contact Durham County Council – see the following pages from their website for advice. Durham County Council Pupil Transfers