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FSD Uniform Policy

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Framwellgate School Durham Uniform Policy aims to:

  • clarify the legal position in terms of school uniform;
  • outline the benefits of having a school uniform;
  • promote consistency in the way uniform issues are dealt with in school.



The Policy and its implementation will operate within the framework of current legislation and will help students prepare for adult life and the demands of the world of work by learning how to dress appropriately in different settings.  In its simplest terms, uniform should be smart, formal and ‘fit for purpose’ in a school setting.

The Policy applies to all students in Years 7 to 11 when on the campus, on their journey to and from school and when representing the school on visits.

(For certain activities uniform will not be appropriate and such occasions will be made clear to students.)

The school promises to:

  • encourage and reward consistently smart appearance;
  • discourage poor uniform by liaising with families where uniform has become an issue.

Please click on the link below to view the full school policy on uniform.

Uniform Policy